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Company Profile of The Grand Compass Law Alliance

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The sustainable development of China today has become the highlight of the most vigor and most potential in the global integration. It can be foreseen that in the years to come, the development of economy in China will control the development orientation of economy in the world. When a great number of the world’s trade agencies and enterprises aim at China to seek for development opportunities, when a great number of domestic enterprises go out towards the world to put in capital investment overseas, they all urgently demand agencies that can provide top quality, efficient and reliable legal services. “The Grand Compass Law Alliance” will be your right choice.

The Grand Compass Law Alliance” is a very large legal service platform first built organized and set up by 10 famous legal firms in Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Chongqing, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Shandong, Shanxi, Liaoning, Inner Mongolia and other provinces and cities. This team consisting of more than 800 practicing lawyers boasts more than 50 people with titles of professors and researchers, 60 people with doctor’s agrees, 150 people with master’s degrees, and 30 people with overseas degrees. A considerable lot of lawyers share a very high familiarity in the local area and even nationwide. The Alliance will greatly enhance it auxiliary capacity in service areas, service levels and service content by uniform market operations, uniform standardized management, uniform quality control and uniform talents interaction.

The common brief of “The Grand Compass Law Alliance” to cater for the trend of large scale, profession and brand operation of the world’s legal industry to open up the road to cooperation between powerful enterprises, to build a spaceship of the legal industry of China, to shape the first brand in the legal industry of China and to make still greater achievements in the legal industry.



It is the uniform philosophy of “The Grand Compass Law Alliance” to adjust organization, to optimize the mix, to complement advantages, to form joint efforts, to enhance competence and to improve competence, and it is also the powerful declaration of a top brand and involvement in international competence for the lawyer industry in China.
The organization, establishment and development of The Grand Compass Law Alliance is the product of energy and efforts of countless people, and all member offices contribute wisdom and passions towards national brands that are the pride of the legal service sector in China.


Belief of the Grand Compass


“The Grand Compass Law Alliance” always carries forward the legal culture and judicial occupational value of “loyalty, justice, service and efficiency”, pursues the top morality index of the sector, stresses the innovation of service systems and modes, shows constant industrial development trends of domestic industries, has a good understanding of legal systems of China, understands and probes into legal methods and techniques for resolving various conflicts and is dedicated to justice, progress and development of the society of China.
The Grand Compass Law Alliance takes seek for the best other than the largest as its development standards. Over the past year, the member offices of the Alliance have carried forward the exploration of the legal service field and development of the legal service sector so as to ensure that they will be able to be in the leading position of the sector. It strives to seek for excellence, has performed mutual independence, developed effective business interchange and cooperation, realized enhancement of outstanding legal firms with the Alliance as the core, and has finally built a good operation entity with supplementary advantages, and successful extension and development of service areas, service levels and service contents.


Brands are images recognized by the society, while structures are the embodiment of touching intrinsic business scale. Based on the mutual philosophy and vision, “The Grand Compass Law Alliance” has established it common brand of the Alliance, built its service terminals functioning as the secretariat of the Alliance, used uniform marks, judicial instrument formats and service criteria and provided the society with overall, efficient and authoritative services.
The decision-making system consisting of persons in charge of different members has ensured the rationality and accuracy of decision making by the Alliance; perfect management and supervision and audit system has effectively built the Group’s internal firewalls; the secretariat of the Alliance with the performance assessment system as the center has ensured the effective execution of decision making by the Alliance; and the organic combination of regional management and group management has formed the matrix management structure of the entire Alliance very flexibly and efficiently.

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