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Company Law and Securities Law

In the fields of Company Law and Securities Law, Sincere Partners & Attorneys mainly provides clients with the following special legal services:

•        Incorporation of enterprises;

•       Shareholders agreement, partnership agreements, Sino-foreign joint venture agreements, articles of association and other constitutional documents;

•        Business acquisition;

•        Stock equity financing;

•        Company split and capital removal;

•        Stock equity transfer;

•        Company harness;

•        Business system transformation and reorganization;

         Initial public issue of stocks, listing and additional issue;

         Issue and listing of company bonds;

         Stock incentive programs;patek philippe replica

         Corporation dissolution and liquidation;

         Business bankruptcy and reconstruction

This Firm is one of China’s first law firms dedicated to the provision of legal services for the reform of state-owned stock system enterprises, company listing and company acquisition. In the fields of company law and securities law, Sincere Partners & Attorneys provides special legal services for several key projects, including: stock system reform and listing by Konka Electronics; reform and listing of TCL stock systems; stock system reform and listing at Yunnan White Drug Powder; acquisition of 65% of shares in Shenzhen Airlines Co., Ltd by Shenzhen Huirun Investment Co., Ltd and Bright Oceans Group Co., Ltd.

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